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The creative studio where a suggestion offers website and advertisement design of the perfect custom-making for which a template and a form aren't used. We'll support your business with the role of the Public Relations Department and the sales promotion department.

Privacy Policy

The guest important personal information, it protects and manages by the following contents of HS-creative-studio.

About protection of personal information

I protect the personal information which is the guest's important property.

I recognize it as it being important social duty to protect the personal information which is the important property of the guest who has kept for the visitor, and define privacy policy as follows.

Privacy Policy

1. Acquisition of personal information

In order that a visitor may use my service, a visitor's personal information which I could know is managed according to this privacy policy. This privacy policy is not applied to the person and company which I have not managed directly, and service which they provide. Moreover, although my website includes the link to the external site, I can take no responsibility about the measure against private informaiton protection in a link place. Please understand the situation.

2. The purpose of using personal information

I may use of the purpose of providing the personal informaiton I was allowed to collect from a guest in each following number other than the providing this service purpose. Other than offer of this service, or the purpose set up in below, a visitor does not do personal information use of me.


When my service is introduced to the guest.


When answering to the inquiry from a visitor.


When I ask quest for offer of an opinion or comment to my service the guest.


After I contact a guest separately, when using for the purpose which obtained comprehension individually.

3. The indication to the third party of personal information

I do not offer and open personal informaiton to third parties, such as other entrepreneurs and an individual. However, it is not the limitation when it corresponds to below.


When there is consent of the person himself/herself about information dissemination.


When public institutions, such as government and municipal offices, are able to be asked for an indication based on a statute.

4. About observance of the statute and norm about protection of personal information

HS-creative-studio observe a private-information-protection related statute and a norm.

5. About the safety control measure of personal information

In order to protect from unlawful access to personal information, loss of personal information, an alteration, disclosure, etc. and to secure accuracy and safety, HS-creative-studio improve a management system and implement suitable safety measures.

6. About a continuous improvement

HS-creative-studio improve by improving continuously about the measure for private information protection.

7. Questions and Suggestions

If you have questions, suggestions, or wish to make a compliant, please complete a feedback form or you can contact us at;


2F,Meiyon Bldg.

4-17-3 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya ciy

Aichi prefecture, JAPAN

ZIP 450-0002

Personal information management officer/

Saygo Hioki

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