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Creative Business

Marketing and branding, and in the role of Public Relations Office and sales promotion department, such as promotion and we have a good support for your business. The support of the customer eye level (end-user) is for the ordinary, we can not raise create only, we have the best that you go up creating thought with you. 

Global Business

The proprietors who have the view widely and consider overseas development are increasing, too, but I think there is much anxiety in advertising by a foreign language. We leave results for advertisement at foreign countries in Web site production in particular so far. We think it can be useful for support of your achievement in Japan using its strong point field. By all means, any time, please consult.

work detail

Corporate Website

A full website renewal for K and A JPN, Inc. that began with an introduction from a client with whom we have a relationship. We designed the site to be fully responsive, making it easy to view from any device.


The client wanted to make it easy for actual users to view and use the site. The design includes a table of contents, a world first.

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