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We are the
Creative studio
evolve into
Wonderful things
which makes
Fun things.

Business Philosophy

Let me create your image of future.

I think the person who hears and understands this word (HS) is here, too.

This is representative initials, isn't this?! It also becomes certain in representative initials, but feelings of 3 following are being included among this word. When you read and you'd feel our feelings by all means, it's felt happily.


A suggestion will create it and the people who participate in the customer, us and the others put on a smile, and offers you such advertisement design which can feel prosperity.


I'll be nestling close to your request eagerly strenuously and answer with the precise speed. It's a proper thing, but this, it's felt "of course" but that it's the kind which is most difficult and is asked from a customer really.


We keep offering the outcome thing which is confronted sincerely and is sincere correspondence and correct rules to the item you requested to create it up in only your special advertisement design.


Corporate color

Ryu-ryoku (柳緑)

Ryuryoku come from a word of zen. It makes the sense of growth and development at the green including the blue which became clear like a willow of fresh green. As the meaning of zen, "It continues to grow at a natural posture".

The evolution and the growth will be continued by natural posture forever by the flexible posture while cuddling up the time now without sticking to results in the past.

Representative Greetings
Anchor 4

We are a creative studio that create the graphic-design and web-design. I think that it is involved in the appearance, but does not have an emphasis on appearance only. Appearance of the design is only a starting point. A design that has created with the help from the starting point is our role of a real advertising design that fulfill your final goal. By sharing your final goal is the real role of our total design support that lead you to that goal.


Saygo Hioki

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