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Umeboshi and Summer

From olden days, when saying lunch boxes, one piece of Umeboshi is popular in white rice, the so-called Hinomaru box lunch has been popular, but actually putting Umeboshi with high disinfecting effect in a box lunch is very reasonable.

Umeboshi is a very familiar food for us Japanese, and the effect of Umeboshi was known for a long time.

Recently it has been known that Umeboshi has not only sterilization effect but also effect to prevent lifestyle diseases and cancer.

So, I would like to introduce the power of plum that has been told really "doctorless" for many years.

It is understood that plums have a function to prevent the growth of "Staphylococcus aureus" which is the cause of food poisoning.

And Umeboshi has proved its effectiveness against O157. O157 is a terrible bacteria causing food poisoning.

However, it is citric acid contained in Umeboshi that exerts its effect on bacteria causing these food poisoning.

Especially when physical strength is dropped and immunity is declining, it is susceptible to bacteria, so let's actively eat Umeboshi.

In more familiar places, Umeboshi also acts on the bacteria in the mouth and also plays a role in preventing bad breath.

When the smell of your mouth is anxious, Umeboshi is recommended.

In addition, Umeboshi has the power to suppress the cause of the cancer.

Umeboshi has a function to suppress Helicobacter pylori, which has been proven by experiments and others. For Helicobacter pylori, ingesting 2 grains of Umeboshi per day is effective.

And furthermore Umeboshi is a food suitable for measures against summer heat fatigue.

It is a food that can eat Umebososhi, and can replenish salt discharged with sweat.

I think that some people have actually experienced that they can get tired when eating Umeboshi when they are tired.

Citric acid is included in Umeboshi, which is responsible for recovery from fatigue.

Let 's survive this hot summer by eating everyday to eat Umeboshi which exerts excellent effects not only for measures against heat stroke but also for physical condition management.


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